Monday, November 19, 2012

Little Libraries reaches Iganga

     On Saturday, November 17th, I was at Maggie's site in Iganga for our final delivery.  I traveled to on the Thursday before.  It's about a 45 minute taxi ride, no problem.  Quick and comfortable.  This particular taxi was really taking its time, picking up anyone going anywhere on the way to Mbale (which is a distance).  There was a lot of loading and unloading passengers.  When I boarded, I was the fourth passenger in a row made for three, but I scrunched up accordingly (a technique at which I'm now an expert).  There was a four-year-old boy, clean scrubbed and decked out in a three-piece suit (ADORABLE).  Because children are the equivalent of luggage on public transport, he was standing, holding on the the bar thing that separates the passengers in the back from the driver. I assumed he was with the man squished up to the left of me, but to my surprise, he got out at the next stop, leaving the boy behind. "Is this your kid?"  I asked to the woman next to me, as I got back in.  
     "No, I think the mother is somewhere in back."  Strange, I thought.  I would want to sit with my kid.  Maybe she was carrying some big things... 
     The journey continued.  People got out at Maga Maga, the market, the next market, the steps, the place next to the cow, Musita, the big tree, the next road there, just there, just there there, and Bulanga.  When we reached Bulanga, a woman ran up who looked familiar, with her purple kitende top and red scarf headwrap.  In fact, she had gotten off about 20 minutes ago at the Bulanga stage.  Her eyes darted around frantically inside our taxi.  "Emma!" she cried, arms outstretched.  (Emma is a common male name here, short for Emmanuel).  
     "Momma!" the boy cried, making his way out the door.  This means that Momma Emma disembarked at Bulanga, looked around as the taxi drove off and realized that her kid wasn't with her. She must have taken a motorcycle taxi to chase the taxi she had just left behind, in hopes of finding the right one.  Our taxi was going to Mbale!  That's over 40 miles away.  The other passengers in the taxi, including myself, shared a strange laugh of both amazement (that she tracked down her kid) and relief.  Despite them all speaking Lusoga, I could at least laugh along.  

     And so, with that, I reached Iganga.  The rest, pictures!  :
"Show me those clean hands!"

"Musekaku!" (Moo-say-ka-kuu) Smile please!

High five anybody?
Mingle, mingle...

Walugogo Primary School pupils
waiting eagerly to paint

Pupils at Bishop Willis Demonstration school learning
about how we put books away.

Maggie reading with a buddy

Mary reading



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